How to make the Perfect Margarita

Okay, real question: Who doesn’t love a margarita? I have a little bit of an obsession with them. Any time I go out for a drink, I’ll usually get a marg – unless I don’t want to drop ten bucks on one drink! That’s why I memorized the best recipe for a perfect margarita. I’m no bartender, but if you love tequila and the salty sweetness of an ice cold margarita, this is the perfect recipe to keep stored somewhere in your brain.

The best way to remember this recipe easily is “3,2,1.” That’s three parts tequila (I prefer a silver tequila; my go-to is usually Jose Cuervo Silver or Hornitos Plata), two parts triple sec (from Dekuyper to Grand Marnier, whatever is within your budget will work just fine), and one part sweetened lime juice. Garnish with a twist of lemon and lime and a salted rim for the most convincing drink. Do you need an actual recipe for this one? It’s cold, it’s alcoholic, and it’s downright good, no matter how you mix it.

For those of you who absolutely need a flavored margarita (I’m guilty of it sometimes, I get it), just add either a puree of your favorite fruit or a flavored syrup. 13707742_10153550403971386_4996261802357246199_n

Happy drinking from me to you! 😉


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