Dill carrots with honey butter

Who says that cheap eating has to be boring? Not me, that’s for sure! Honey and dill on carrots is one of my favorite combinations by far, so tonight when I was poking around in the fridge, checking out my meager selections, I saw the carrots and was instantly inspired.


Caprese Crostini with a Balsamic Reduction

Want to impress guests..and yourself? I don’t even like tomatoes, and I devoured these! The combination of the salty mozzarella, acidic tomato, peppery fresh basil, and bittersweet balsamic glaze is a classic for a reason! I made these this past summer during peak tomato season, so the tomatoes were perfectly ripe, right out of my parents’ garden.

How to make the Perfect Margarita

Okay, real question: Who doesn’t love a margarita? I have a little bit of an obsession with them. Any time I go out for a drink, I’ll usually get a marg – unless I don’t want to drop ten bucks on one drink! That’s why I memorized the best recipe for a perfect margarita. I’m no bartender, but if you love tequila and the salty sweetness of an ice cold margarita, this is the perfect recipe to keep stored somewhere in your brain.

The best way to remember this recipe easily is “3,2,1.”

Lemon Thyme Risotto

One of my favorite dishes, hands down, is risotto. The creamy sauce the stirring of the arborio rice creates is luscious, and the Italian dish pairs extremely well with assertive flavors. My favorite flavored risotto is lemon risotto with parmesan cheese and fresh thyme (pictured). I’ve realized that people who chaperone their food a lot (a la helicopter parenting) succeed at making the best risotto – like my boyfriend. He cooks when he’s hungry, and he’s impatient until it’s done. That being said, he loves to stir to pass the time…and since risotto requires a lot of attention and stirring, it’s the perfect dish to keep him occupied while I figure out the rest of dinner!

Vegan Coconut Curry

Oh, man. I discovered curry a couple years ago and I have never looked back. It’s rich, spicy, creamy, hearty, and just hands-down delectable. There are numerous preparations, but this is by far my favorite.

Pizza Night!

To make the pizza, I layered down a generous amount of sauce (“Never enough sauce!” in my partner’s opinion), drizzled the sauce with an herb-infused extra-virgin olive oil, dotted that with fresh mozzarella pearls, a seeded and diced roma tomato, and kosher salt and fresh-cracked black pepper. In to the oven it went, and right when it came out I drizzled a generous amount of the syrupy, mellow balsamic all over the pie.

Creamy Vegetarian Corn Chowder

This soup is my go-to if I’m feeling under the weather, or if I’m just craving comfort food. I never use an exact recipe and just use what I have on hand, which makes for a quick preparation. The general recipe I base the broth on is one I’ve come to find makes the richest, silkiest product, and all of the vegetables (aside from the corn, of course…it is a corn chowder, after all) are simply suggestions. Feel free to substitute any vegetables listed for any you may have on hand.